Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start thinking about PR?

As soon as possible! One of the biggest mistakes made is bringing public relations in at the final stages of your project. The sooner you can get the publicist on board to get your project in front of the media the better the chances of gaining some great coverage –and ultimately, all going well, sales!

Using an album release or tour as an example, you need to have all details ready to go at least 6 – 8 weeks before your scheduled release date or first gig.  That’s minimum!

How much do you charge?

This question is a wee bit like… how long is a piece of string?  Best to get in touch with as much information as you have on what it is you’re planning and we take it from there.  For example, if it’s a tour then that info should be how many shows, in what cities and venues.  If it’s an album, what the genre of music is, the planned release date, any set up already in place – i.e. singles at radio, a video available etc.

At Noise PR we don’t agree to work with an artist until we’ve heard the music. Sending a soundcloud or dropbox link to the songs (even if they’re demos) is vital so if you drop us a note to find out more, don’t forget to include the music!

What do I need to provide?


Absolute minimum of three press photos– not too dark, must be colour,  landscape and portrait – low and high res versions, as well as low and high res versions of your logo and a current biography. Noise PR can help write a biography if you don’t have one. For tours; all information including ticketing links, dates, venue addresses, door times and age limits if applicable.


As much information on the product as possible including RRP, product specifications – think about what it is YOU want to know about a product you’d be parting with your hard earned cash for and provide that information. Also, logos and product shots both low and high res versions.