Auckland’s psychedelic power pop band Sherpa reappear with their sophomore album “Blues & Oranges”, geared for release May 16th.

Two years after their Taite Prize nominated “Lesser Flamingo” released in 2012, “Blues & Oranges” was recorded over the summer of 2013 between Roundhead Studios, Sherpa’s own personal Studios and a make shift studio in a bach by the beach.

In this new album Sherpa have embraced a more grand approach with strengthened songwriting, musicianship and arrangements all captured and enhanced by producer extraordinaire and maestro, Kody Nielson.

Together they have presented a sound that is fresh and exciting and an album that will capture hearts and imaginations.

“Blues & Oranges” will be released digitally and on vinyl only.  The album will feature their first single “Love Film” and brand new single “Quit Time”.


  1. Beach
  2. Bzzy
  3. Love Film
  4. Homeless
  5. Blind Buzz
  6. Quit Time
  7. Already Fire
  8. Can Surreal
  9. Eclypse The Night Away
  10. Cube
  11. Die Jung
  12. Dawn Glass Morn
  13. Miyunhey
  14. Not Today
  15. Sunrise