Shakes Strange Tides

Kiwi indie-rockers Shakes are proud to announce the release of their sophomore EP Strange Tides.

With an edge that hooks you in from the first listen, Shakes fuse together fuzzy guitars and rock ‘n roll drums with their trademark sharp lyricism. A bit psychedelic with a throwback 70s vibe, Shakes have created a collection of tunes that are both instantly recognisable and equally danceable.

Lead single and title track Strange Tides opens the EP, followed by the grungier Foreign Lovers, which transitions into the smooth Thinking Of Myself acting as a nice resting point before finishing with the rousing track Tranquilize.

Packing a full sonic experience into the four track EP,  Shakes’ forte for telling stories that need to be told and songs that need to be heard is truly showcased, with the headbanging moments well balanced by quieter ones that just make you want to sway.

Influenced by Brit-pop with a couple of good old guitar solos, Strange Tides was produced by band member Alex Wildwood and recorded in his home studio in Mount Maunganui. The band worked with adding a few more layers & textures in contrast to the live recording of their first EP, emphasising the rhythm & groove of the tracks to form a cohesive whole.

With Strange Tides being just their second release, Shakes are already carving themselves a unique niche in the scene, and won’t be flying under the radar for much longer. Strange Tides is officially released on August 19th.


Strange Tides
Foreign Lovers
Thinking Of Myself

Alex Wildwood – Vocals/Guitar
Patch Patrick – Drums
Adam McKneilly – Guitar
Chris Miller – Bass