Seth Haapu

After five years of relative silence, Seth Haapu is set to release a brand new 3-track EP Volume I on March 25th 2016.

Despite its concise track listing, Volume I is generous with inventive melodies, intimate stories, and considered arrangements, creating scope that fosters the singer-songwriter genre.

Coming to the process with an unconventional approach, Seth recorded Volume I across the country in various rooms, cars and studios to collect an energy specific to the meaning of each song.

Capturing the alternative pop sound and R&B throwback from his debut album, the tracks delve deeper and further, taking into account the experiences of the last five years. The EP marks a return for Seth as his first release since 2011, time he has spent exploring fresh creative avenues and turning points to become the narrator of a new story.

A taster of things to come, Volume I is a strong introduction for a year full of plans for Seth Haapu.

Volume I – Track listing
1. B.R.L
2. Taste
3. 10 Years