Poppi – YLMC

Fresh and authoritative, POPPI is an up-and-coming Auckland-based artist with sound that packs a punch.

Her debut track YLMC is an exploration into what happens when a woman owns her sexuality, and the confidence, strength, and power that comes about from being empowered by sexiness, rather than imprisoned by it. Recorded in Mt Eden at Lab Studios, POPPI worked with producer Tom Healy to make a statement in her first outing, with rapper bKIDD contributing vocals on the song.

Standing for ‘You Like My Curves’, POPPI contributed all of the lyrics to the track, calling out a culture that deems compliments as being something that can only come from someone else, wanting women to instead empower themselves. YLMC represents a move away from objectification into a realm where girls are lifting each other up, confident and comfortable without others dictating their expression of self.

POPPI is girl power without the sugar-coating, with the goal of helping women value themselves and their bodies, and driving the message that the only opinion about your body that matters is your own.

YLMC is the first track from POPPIā€™s debut EP due for release in 2016.

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