Mika Loved Me A Man

Mika Haka is proud to present the delicious video for his latest single, Loved Me A Man.

The video represents Mika at his flamboyant excessive best. Cutting together footage from an intimate performance from one of his infamous house parties with moments from dozens of his epic shows over the years, this is a montage to represent the ultimate Mika.

Weaving in moments from all of his previous music videos, and teasing the videos that will be released in the lead up to his new album, the Loved Me A Man video was edited and composed by Shaun Dooley (Ngāpuhi, Irish), who also edited Mika’s recent ‘The Aroha Project’ webseries and the NZ International Film Festival Film Festival short ‘Taniwha’.

Dedicated to the late great Dalvanius Prime, producer of Mika’s first version of Loved Me A Man and the iconic POI-E, this revitalised version of the song and its accompanying video is a celebration of Mika’s illustrious career to date – and a confirmation that the artist has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Loved Me A Man is lead track from Mika’s new album, The Originals Collection, due for release in early 2017.

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