Laura Lee Lovely Eden


Having spent over a year crafting her debut solo release, Laura Lee Lovely is delighted to announce the release date for her EP Eden – October 6.

The concise four-track effort showcases Laura’s diversity, with upbeat synth-pop sounds, the grooves of house music, and orchestral flourishes all making an appearance, driven by an impressively dynamic percussive section. Paying tribute to the synth roots that she honed as vocalist for O’LOVELY, Laura’s stunning voice carries the collection of songs, with her impressive range and gorgeous tone capping off Eden in truly lovely style.

Running with the chance to explore in her solo offerings, Laura plays with dichotomies throughout the EP. “Lately I’ve found myself wanting to bring out the darker, broodier side of myself. I connect with things that make me feel emotion, so writing songs like that comes easily for me. On the flip side, I’m obsessed with fun pop music that drives me, makes me want to dance, and makes me feel unstoppable.”

Lead single Hot Blood – track two on Eden – was met with a warm welcome from long-standing fans on its release in August. Noted for its “daring and eclectic mix of samples and a raw recording style” (, the intricate dream-pop tune reflects the fresh direction for Laura Lee Lovely and her solo work.

Calling the UK home for the last three years, the Christchurch native has returned to New Zealand to embark on her new venture, setting up a home studio to create Eden. Collaborating with good friend and musician Simon Brouwer to record the EP, the duo also team up on-stage to bring her complex, multi-faceted tracks to life.

Entirely written, recorded, and produced by the two-some, Eden is a strong debut release from Laura Lee Lovely, and a glowing sign of things to come from this young talent.