Jody Direen is proud to release her brand new single, Gimme The Beat, setting the tone for her upcoming third studio album.

Layering club synths with banjo and her powerhouse vocals, Jody Direen has created a unique party anthem that’s impossible not to move to.

Wanting to diverge from her more traditional country sound into a magnetic pop feel, Jody recruited the genius of award winning Australian producer Stuart Stuart (Analog Heart Records).  A key player in launching the careers of The Veronica’s, Stuart more recently produced the single Geronimo for Sheppard which has sold over 1 million copies, with Gimme The Beat set to become another instant hit.

Jody also teamed with a group of session musicians from Nashville on the track, keeping alive the Southern flavour that grounds all of her music. Drawing inspiration from her time in Nashville recording her last album, Gimme The Beat marks a new stage in Jody’s musical progression, soaring to new heights and beginning her new album cycle with a bang.

Gimme The Beat is just one of the tunes from Jody’s extensive catalogue that she’ll be showcasing when she returns to New Zealand as the co-headline act for the Top Paddock Music Festival on New Years Eve. “Gimme The Beat is all about the party. The song is a celebration of music and how it makes people feel,” says Jody about the track.

Released by ABC Music Australia, Gimme The Beat is the lead single from her upcoming album Shake Up which is available for pre-order today, out just in time for Jody to hit the road on her first tour of Australia with the Wolfe Brothers.

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