IN HOUSE Songs & Conversations

A Fundraising concert for the New Zealand Music Foundation featuring Don McGlashan, Rodney Fisher, Anna Coddington & Jol Mulholland

Much like a house concert, each artist will perform solo or with the acoustic backing of the others, responding to a series of ’starting points’: one of their own songs that the audience would expect, one they wouldn’t, a new song, and a cover that made them think about our city in a different way. This might be a song by an Aucklander, about Auckland, or just a song that made them see Auckland in a different light.

“Intimate and inspiring.  … amazing to hear the personal stories behind each song,  … a wonderful way to see old favorites in a new light.” 

“In House was the concert of the year. I felt privileged to be there.”

IN HOUSE – songs and conversation
Q Theatre
305 Queen Street Auckland
Tuesday 14th April
Doors at 7.30pm

Tickets from Q theatre  – HERE