Graeme James News From Nowhere

Hailing from Wellington and armed with a loop pedal, Graeme James has created an album of dynamic, danceable folk in his first outing.

Having been a violinist since the age of seven, strings are at the forefront of every song, filled to the brim with energy and a refreshing spontaneity that brings a smile to your face. The instrumentation on News From Nowhere is second to none, with Graeme seamlessly bringing together violin, guitar, bass, baritone ukulele, piano, percussion, and beat boxing, all grounded by his distinctive voice.

A busker best known for his unique covers of contemporary pop songs, the record was written over the last few years while touring across the country, drawing inspiration from the beauty and immensity of New Zealand’s incredible landscapes. Intensely visual in both writing and the final sound, the 10-track album is layered and joyous in its storytelling.

Graeme’s debut original song, and the lead single from the album, Alive was released in late 2015 and met with immediate interest. Selected for NZ on Air’s ‘New Hits Disc’, rotating on The Edge Radio and TV, and picking up over 100,000 plays on Spotify, Alive has also been named as a finalist in the international songwriting competition Unsigned Only. In addition to the success of the single, four songs from the record including Alive have been featured in the local television drama series 800 Words, which became the top rating Australian drama show following its premiere.

A record filled with special moments, including a moving duet with Graeme’s wife who he met busking in his hometown, News From Nowhere is a gem just waiting to be discovered. Entirely self produced and performed, News From Nowhere is available now!

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