Gareth Thomas Fizzy Milk

Driven by grooving basslines, Fizzy Milk is a cohesive collection of tunes from Gareth Thomas, on this, his second solo album.

Settled and strong, the album is packed with relatable lyrics that never stray into the trap of cliché, grounded by his plethora of experience from making music over more than a decade. Fuelled by clever instrumentation including a rejuvenating use of the horn section, the album is a reflection of Gareth’s generally happy headspace, with songs that are more outward and designed towards being oodles of fun to play live.

The quirky title of the album came about very early on in the piece; inspired by the experiments of some kids Gareth knows who decided to pour milk into a Sodastream, which turned out to be the perfect analogy for his ideas. Wanting his new album to have all the fizz and bang of pop music but underscored by something wholesome and nourishing, Fizzy Milk won’t rot your guts but instead will leave you fulfilled and better off by the end of it.

Written over the last two years and originally intended to be new Goodshirt songs, Gareth recruited Jonathan Burgess on bass and Scott Mason on drums to join him in recording the album. Most tracks on Fizzy Milk began life as elaborate home demos with live drums, bass, and brass recorded at The Lab Studio, complemented by the technical expertise of Simon Gooding who came on board with Gareth in engineering the album.

Fizzy Milk is the sophomore solo album from Gareth Thomas, featuring the brilliant lead single I’d Like, which garnered over 14,000 plays on Spotify within a month of its release, and creepy-cool All Eyes In The Room which has already totted up 60,000 plays and counting. Upbeat and generous, Fizzy Milk will be available to purchase from June 17.

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All Eyes In The Room

I’d Like

So Unbelievable

Some Teachers

Weird Fever

Blue Blue Day


Girlfriend On My Hofner

Way Too Hot

Wide Wide Eyed

Peculiar Fuel