David Gray

David Gray is back after four years with his new album ‘Mutineers’ featuring the appropriately named single, ‘Back In The World.’

The singer-songwriter captured the world’s attention with his breakout multi-platinum hit White Ladder (1998), which reached #1 in the UK Album Chart, and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 2002. He has continued to build on this success, with recent albums Draw The Line (2009) and Foundling (2010), both reaching the Billboard Top 10 in the US.

When asked about ‘Mutineers’ David said, “I know I’ve done something here that has an authority that is inspiring me and I don’t have to worry about my past or any of that. The lovely thing about this is we’ve had the time to experiment, and it’s been wonderful.”

‘Back In The World’ is the first track to be released from his new album Mutineers, due for release in the New Zealand on the 20th of June, on iht Records via Kobalt Label Services. Mutineers will be Gray’s tenth studio album and his first in four years.


  1. Back in the World
  2. As the Crow Flies
  3. Mutineer
  4. Beautiful Agony
  5. Last Summer
  6. Snow in Vegas
  7. Cake and Eat It
  8. Birds of the High Arctic
  9. The Incredible
  10. Girl Like You
  11. Gulls

Muitneers is due for release on June 20th and is available to preorder from iTunes here

David’s single ‘Back In The World’ is also available to stream via Youtube