David Apple

After returning to the UK after a two year stint in New Zealand, David Apple is excited to announce the release of his debut album, “Oxford Beat” on November 15th via iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify on House of Tracks records.

Oxford Beat features remixes of UK and New Zealand indie favourite bands including Autum Splendour, Poppy Tibbets, Lisa Crawley and Cat Venom as well as the David Apple original title track.

A self-confessed and self-labelled “music geek” David started out DJing at the age of 18 in Birmingham playing in pubs and clubs before relocating to Auckland with his kiwi girlfriend, and landing the graveyard shift at famous Auckland indie station 95bFM.

Oxford Beat Track listing

1. David Apple – Oxford Beat

2. Matthew Crawley – Strawberry Eyes

3. David Cronenbergs Wife – The Man At The Back Of The Woods

4. Lisa Crawley – Leaving

5. George Pringle – To Augustus With Love…

6. Autumn Splendour – Cubby

7. Luckless – My Machinery

8. David Apple featuring Prididdy – Dutty Love (Letting Go)

9. Poppy Tibbets – Devil on my Shoulder

10. Tono And The Finance Company – Orphans

11. Cat Venom – Scars

12. David Cronenbergs Wife – Sweden