Albi And The Wolves ‘Remember Your Name’

The debut video from local folksters Albi and the Wolves has landed in celebration of the release of their all new single Remember Your Name. Offering up a traditional string arrangement that is served in a non-traditional way, the song is soulfully infused with helpings of double bass, fiddle, and banjo, and brought together in sweet harmony with the smooth vocals of frontman Albi. This is folk music, but not as you know it.

Written, directed, and edited by local filmmaker Tom Levesque, the video for >Remember Your Name has been almost a year in the making, serving as The Wolves’ way of thanking everyone who has been involved in helping make their passions a reality. The song which was mixed and mastered by Wolves bassist Micheal Young, who previously won a Tui for folk album Over The Moon in 2011, represents a true turning point in the history of the band who are constantly building momentum in their sound and stage presence. A story about love and first impressions, Remember Your Name is a firm favourite amongst the band and their fans and has become a permanent fixture on their setlist.

Forming in 2014 from a casual jam session that spawned a sensation, Albi And The Wolves are a growing force on the local scene: reinvigorating their solid folk roots in the modern era with dynamic tunes, uplifting arrangements and refreshing instrumentation that burst traditional folk music open at the seams. Known for their vibrant live shows and irresistible banter, The Wolves have played at least three shows a week since establishing themselves last year, including The Taste Of Auckland Festival, Radio Hauraki’s No Sleep Til Breakfast showcase, and the ‘Harvey’s Aroused By Wolves’ collaboration.

Released only four months ago, their debut EP ‘I Will Not Be Broken’ has already garnered over 15,000 plays on Soundcloud alone. Riding that wave of success, Albi And The Wolves are gearing up for a busy summer full of plans for new music, a remix in collaboration with Mt Eden, a selection of shows including both Wellington and Auckland Folk Festivals and the Waiheke Jazz Festival, and an upcoming tour in 2016. Added to the New Tracks and All Tracks playlists by NZ On Air, Remember Your Name can now be streamed on the band’s Soundcloud and Spotify, and purchased on iTunes and Bandcamp.